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Artisan Breads

Chia and Pumpkin Seed Bread
A handmade plaited round natural sourdough bread packed with nutrient rich chia and pumpkin seeds, seasoned with turmeric which gives this bread its light golden crumb.
Vegetarian Vegan
Fig Loaf
Rich in large fig pieces bread. Intense fig flavour against a rye background.
Vegetarian Vegan
Grand Parisien with Sourdough
An extremely versatile bread which lends itself well for bread baskets and buffets.
Vegetarian Vegan
Grand Pochon with Sourdough
A generously sized loaf with a soft interior and rustic diamond cuts to give a crunchy crust.
Vegetarian Vegan
Large Barra Gallega Baguette
A traditional style rustic bread from Northern Spain. It has a thin crispy crust and a light, open texture.
Vegetarian Vegan
Lemon & Rye Bread
Rich in lemon bread: preserved and zest, rye. Lemon and hay aromas and flavours.
Vegetarian Vegan
Millers Seeded Loaf
Enriched dark loaf with a light airy crumb. Decorated with sunflower seeds, wheat brans, sesame seeds and linseed.
Vegetarian Vegan
Multicereal Farmers Loaf (Sourdough)
A large sourdough loaf made with wheat, rye and malt flours and sunflower seeds, linseed and sesame seeds.
Vegetarian Vegan
Olive & Rosemary Stick
Bread stick with a generous blend of green and black olives, a dash of rosemary & extra virgin olive oil.