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Baguettes & Demi Baguettes

Demi Baguette Rustique
A rustic demi baguette made with a fermented dough giving a superb flavour, a crisp crust and a soft pale interior.
Demi Rusicata
A rustic stone-baked bread that combines a light, crisp golden crust. The Demi Rusticata has a lightly floured appearance and soft, open textured centre. Made with extra virgin olive oil and semolina flour giving it a superior flavour.
Demi Rustic Baguette
Made from classic French flour, water, yeast and salt. This dough is then soured and pulled at the end.
French White Demi Baguette
A classic white demi baguette with a crisp crust.
Multicereal Demi Baguette
A sandwich baguette made with roasted malt flour, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and brown linseed.
Multigrain Baguette
A stone-baked baguette made with malted wheat flour, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, millet, flax seeds and sesame seeds. Suitable for Vegans.
Multigrain Rustic Demi Baguette
Multicereal small baguette with wheat, rye and oat, linseed, sunflower kernels and sesame.
A thick hearty sized Parisien made with white flour.
Rustique Nature Baguette
A stone-baked baguette made with French flour giving a true genuine flavour of France. Suitable for Vegans.