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Baguettes & Demi Baguettes

Vegetarian Vegan
Bridor Nature Baguette
A stone-baked baguette made with French flour giving a true genuine flavour of France.
Vegetarian Vegan
Demi Rustique Baguette
A rustic demi baguette made with a fermented dough giving a superb flavour, a crisp crust and a soft pale interior.
Vegetarian Vegan
Demi French White Baguette
A classic white demi baguette with a crisp crust.
Vegetarian Vegan
Multicereal Demi Baguette
A sandwich baguette made with roasted malt flour, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and brown linseed.
Vegetarian Vegan
Multigrain Rustic Demi Baguette
Multicereal small baguette with wheat, rye and oat, linseed, sunflower kernels and sesame.
Vegetarian Vegan
Parisien baguette
A thick hearty sized Parisien made with white flour.
White Barra Gallega
A traditional rustic style bread from Northern Spain. It has a thin crispy crust and light, open texture.