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Vegetarian Vegan
Almond Croissant
Exquisite croissant with real almond filling, uniform appearance and Golden crust. It comes decorated with delicious almond flakes.
American Pancakes
Light as a feather sponge texture, cooked on both sides with a crazed finish on one side. Exactly what you need for creating impressive desserts or authentic US-style breakfasts.
Belgian Plain Waffle
Sweet caramelised dense waffle with sugar pearls.
New Vegetarian
Bun n Roll
A flaky, spiral shaped bun made from delicious butter croissant dough. Ideal as an alternative burger bun.
Large Traditional Breakfast Muffin
Large traditional, oven bottom baked muffin. Ideal for filling with sausage, bacon or simply toasted and spread with butter.
New Vegetarian
Mini Butter Croissant
A butter rich mini croissant, pre egg-washed, ready to bake
New Vegetarian
Mini Pain Au Chocolate
Bite sized butter pastry with two bars of dark chocolate, pre egg-washed.
New Vegetarian
Mini Pain Aux Raisin
A mini classic French swirl with butter, creamy custard and raisins, pre-egg washed. Made with 14% butter (share of total recipe).