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Burger Carriers

Beer Sourdough Burger Bun
A soft sourdough burger bun made with olive oil and beer for added flavour.
Brioche Burger Bun
Soft, round bun from brioche dough. Ideal form to be used as hamburger bun. Pre Sliced.
New Vegetarian
Bun n Roll
A flaky, spiral shaped bun made from delicious butter croissant dough. Ideal as an alternative burger bun.
New Vegetarian Vegan
Ciabatta Round Burger Bun
Frozen, fully baked individual moulded bread with open-textured crumb. Ideal for use as a burger bun.
New Vegetarian Vegan
Flour Dusted Soft White Bun
Flour dusted soft wheat bun. Thaw and serve
Vegetarian Vegan
Millers Flaguette
Rustic, stone-baked bread with a little rye flour. Enriched with linseed and sesame seeds. Open textured and lightly dusted with flour.
Mini Brioche Slider Buns
Soft, round, mini size bun from brioche dough enriched with sugar & butter. Suitable for Vegetarians. Toast or grill cutting surface of bun for more taste, texture and crumb protection. Decorate by dipping into herbs or seeds like sesame. Serve warm as carrier for mini burgers or chicken/ fish nuggets. Use cold as mini brioche sandwich to make party loaves.
Pretzel Burger Bun
A soft pretzel roll with surface cuts. Perfect for gourmet burgers.
Sourdough Burger Bun
A soft sourdough burger bun made with olive oil.