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Continental Classics

Vegetarian Vegan
Almond Croissant
Exquisite croissant with real almond filling, uniform appearance and Golden crust. It comes decorated with delicious almond flakes.
Apricots Ornais
A flaky butter pastry filled with apricot halves on a layer of creme patissiere.
New Vegetarian
Breizh N Roll
A flaky dough made with 100% pure butter Viennese pastry. The texture is crisp, yet soft, with a caramelised buttery flavour. Serve as a sweet snack or serve warm with ice cream.
Chocolate Torsade Twist
A soft butter pastry filled with creme patissiere and dark chocolate chips.
Extra Large Curved Croissant
A curved margarine croissant with a nice volume, rich taste and nice layering.
New Vegetarian
Large Croissant 24% Butter
An extra large croissant with light, buttery, flaky pastry. Made with 24% butter. Ready to bake.
New Vegetarian
Mini Butter Croissant
A butter rich mini croissant, pre egg-washed, ready to bake
New Vegetarian
Mini Pain Au Chocolate
Bite sized butter pastry with two bars of dark chocolate, pre egg-washed.
New Vegetarian
Mini Pain Aux Raisin
A mini classic French swirl with butter, creamy custard and raisins, pre-egg washed. Made with 14% butter (share of total recipe).