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Dinner Rolls & Traditional Rolls

New Vegetarian Vegan
Ciabatta Round Burger Bun
Frozen, fully baked individual moulded bread with open-textured crumb. Ideal for use as a burger bun.
New Vegetarian Vegan
Flour Dusted Soft White Bun
Flour dusted soft wheat bun. Thaw and serve
Gluten Free Vegetarian
Gluten Free Multi-Seed Rolls
Soft, tasty and incredibly moreish, It’s gluten, vegan and dairy free and tastes amazing. Perfect for your working lunch with a filling of your choice.
Gluten Free Vegetarian Vegan
Gluten Free White Rolls
These Gluten Free Bread Rolls are beautifully soft and are perfect companion with soup, filled or just as they are. They are gluten free, dairy free and lactose free.
Large Traditional Breakfast Muffin
Large traditional, oven bottom baked muffin. Ideal for filling with sausage, bacon or simply toasted and spread with butter.
Malted Grain Soft Baps
A soft malted grain bakery style bap. Ideal for sandwiches or hot breakfast baps.
Mixed box of artisanal mini wheat rolls (ciabatta type of dough), each of them hand folded, flour dusted and baked on stone: 35 white wheat rolls, 35 wholemeal rolls, 35 dark wheat rolls with barley malt.
Pain Bagnat Multicereals
A soft roll with an open structure, made with olive oil. Topped with sesame seeds, poppy seeds and brown flax seeds giving a nutty flavour.
New Vegan
Rustic White Diamond Roll
Diamond shaped White roll made from wheat & rye flour, baked on stone & flour dusted.