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Doughnuts & Cookies

Iced Finger Doughnut
A delicious soft doughnut, made the way they should be - fried! Topped with a fondant icing and drizzled with chocolate.
Jam Ball Doughnut
A delicious soft, fried doughnut filled with a mixed fruit jam. Just add sugar or icing sugar to finish.
Mini Ring Doughnut Selection
Contains 28 strawberry filled doughnuts with pink icing, 28 hazelnut-cocoa filled doughnuts with dark icing and hazelnuts, 28 plain doughnuts with with which icing and multicoloured confetti, 28 plain doughnuts with dark icing and cocoa.
Pop Dots Choc
Fluffy mini ball doughnuts coated in chocolate.
Pop Dots Sugar
Fluffy mini ball doughnuts sprinkled with sugar.
Ring Doughnut
A plain, fried ring doughnut ready for you to cover in sugar or top with icing and decorate.
Sugar Ring Doughnut
A soft yeasted doughnut decorated with sugar.
Supreme Indulgence Cookie Dough Selection
104 American cookie dough pieces in 4 fabulous flavours: 26 Chunky Chocolate, 26 Double Chocolate Chunk, 24 White Chocolate & Macadamia Nut and 26 Cranberry & White Chocolate.
White Choc Pop Dots
Fluffy mini ball doughnuts coated in creamy white chocolate.