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Doughnuts & Cookies

Belgian Buns
A round sweet bun containing sultanas and topped with lemon curd, fondant icing and half a cherry.
Donut Caramazing
We wanted you to overdose on silky smooth caramel. Period. So meltingly delicious you won't believe your taste buds. A choco-striped powerhouse sprinkled with crispy hazelnut crunch.
Donut Merry Berry
Oh so sweet strawberry glaze, royally filled with delicious strawberry jam! Why this fruity delight is dubbed the Berry White? It's also topped with heavenly soft marzipan nuggets and pink flavoured sugar pieces.
Donut Queen V
She's as sassy as she is sweet. This royal is ruler of all things vanilla thanks to her soft vanilla custard cream, a blanket of dark choco glaze and yellow stripes for extra fancy looks.
Donut Ruffallo Cream
The cocodonut that cracks everybody up! White chocolate coated with snow-white stripes, sprinkled with sweet coconut shavings and filled to the brim with a fresh Raffaello-style cream.
Donut Spectaculous Cee
It's mmmmagic! Amaze with white glaze and crushed speculoos pieces. Why? Well, this well-balanced show star is just absolutely magnificent in wholesome taste.
Donut The Belgiyum
Huuuge donut. Teeny-tiny country! A luxuriously dark delight proud of its sweet marzipan crunch, crispy choco drops and authentic Belgian chocolate glazing. It's even filled with choco!
Iced Finger Doughnut
A delicious soft doughnut, made the way they should be - fried! Topped with a fondant icing and drizzled with chocolate.
Jam Ball Doughnut
A delicious soft, fried doughnut filled with a mixed fruit jam. Just add sugar or icing sugar to finish.