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Filled Croissants

Chocolate & Hazelnut Croissant
A beautiful, golden and glistening croissant with a generous size (90 g) and a mouth-watering, meltingly smooth cocoa-hazelnut filling. A filling distributed throughout the croissant. A chocolate decoration, for an easily identifiable taste.
Chocolate Croissant
Like all our luxury margarine specialities, this exquisite cocoa croissant is made according to the exclusive Sélection d’Or process. A long resting time and specific production methods result in a premium flaky pastry in which layers of margarine are masterfully interleaved with layers of delicious pastry. The result is simply exceptional. With its deep golden colour and decoration of chocolate pieces, it fascinates at first sight. The wonderful puff pastry has a delightful texture while its pleasant creaminess, tempting cocoa filling and mild buttery aroma are irresistible.
Vegan Blueberry Croissant
A fruity vegan croissant made with added spelt flour and a delicious blueberry filling. Topped with seeds for extra crunch.
New Vegetarian Vegan
Vegan Raspberry Filled Croissant
A flaky butter croissant with a fruity raspberry filling and topped with a crunchy pink sugar.