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Marinated Meats & Panini Fillings

BBQ chilli chicken
A bold BBQ sticky sauce with sliced chicken.
BBQ Pulled Pork in a sticky bbq sauce
An irresistible pulled pork mixed with a seriously sticky BBQ sauce.
Duck In Hoisin Sauce
A shredded duck in a delicious Hoisin sauce with added fresh Spring Onion.
Lamb & Mint
Succulent sliced lamb in a traditional Mint Sauce
Marinated BBQ Chicken
Traditional tangy BBQ flavoured chicken simply lovely.
Marinated Cajun Chicken
An amazing rustic Cajun glazed chicken in a punchy sauce.
Marinated Chicken Tikka
Simply a traditional Tikka flavour, sliced breast rolled in a tikka glaze and sauce.
Marinated Chinese Chicken
A firm favourite of sliced chicken in a fabulous blend of spices.
Marinated Fajita Chicken
Sliced chicken infused in a spicy Fajita seasoning.