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Panini, Ciabatta & Focaccia Breads

Ciabatta Bocata
A stone-baked ciabatta with a slow fermentation for an authentic full flavour and open texture. Made with 100% natural ingredients.
Focaccia Rosmarino
An original flat stone baked Italian bread, traditionally made with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and rosemary. Perfect height to slice and fill.
Glass Bread Ciabatta Loaf
This long and flat ciabatta has a very open texture, a light crust and a splash of olive oil. Fantastic for making open sandwiches, tasty bruchetta or used as a rustic pizza base.
Original Panini
A soft panini bread. Fill and cook in a contact grill for 5 minutes for a crispy, tasty Italian sandwich.
Plain Oval Panini
Light textured oval panini bread. Fill and toast in a panini grill. Requires 5 minutes in a contact grill.
Pre-grilled Panini
A very soft panini bread that is pre-grilled to give a 'just grilled' look. Requires 5 minutes in a contact grill.
Square Ciabatta
Italian style ciabatta rolls with an open texture and authentic full flavour.