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Pasties, Sausage Rolls & Turnovers

Bacon & Mature Cheddar Turnover
Bacon and mature cheddar wrapped in a crispy flaky pastry. Ideal as a takeaway breakfast and lunch offering.
Cheese & Onion Pasty
Hand-crimped flaky pastry pasty filled with a blend of Cornish cheeses with a tangy plum sauce for added flavour.
Chunk Cheddar & Bacon Bomb
A puff pastry bomb made with Strong Cheddar, Chopped bacon and onion and topped with a slice of tomato.
Chunk Cheddar & Onion Pasty
Strong Westcountry Cheddar, onion and potato.
Chunk Chicken & Chorizo Pasty
Tender chicken breast and chunks of spicy chorizo, salsa, red onion and a dash of smoked paprika bring a real Spanish flavour to this pasty.
Chunk Giant Steak Pasty
The even bigger brother of the Chunk Steak pasty - same award winning steak pasty mix.
Chunk Lamb Maroc Pasty
Minced lamb, chickpeas, sundried tomatoes and a sprinkling of Moroccan spice make up this delicious pasty.
Chunk Large Steak Pasty
The big brother of the Chunk Steak Pasty - same award winning pasty mix.
Chunk Pork & Scrumpy Pasty
With sweet potato, apple and leek.