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Sandwich Carriers

Glass Bread Ciabatta Loaf
This long and flat ciabatta has a very open texture, a light crust and a splash of olive oil. Fantastic for making open sandwiches, tasty bruchetta or used as a rustic pizza base.
Malted Grain Soft Baps
A soft malted grain bakery style bap. Ideal for sandwiches or hot breakfast baps.
Vegetarian Vegan
Millers Flaguette
Rustic, stone-baked bread with a little rye flour. Enriched with linseed and sesame seeds. Open textured and lightly dusted with flour.
Mini Brioche Buns
Soft, round, mini size bun from brioche dough enriched with sugar & butter. Suitable for Vegetarians. Toast or grill cutting surface of bun for more taste, texture and crumb protection. Decorate by dipping into herbs or seeds like sesame. Serve warm as carrier for mini burgers or chicken/ fish nuggets. Use cold as mini brioche sandwich to make party loaves.
Vegetarian Vegan
Multigrain Rustic Demi Baguette
Multicereal small baguette with wheat, rye and oat, linseed, sunflower kernels and sesame.
Paninette Flatbread 10″
Totally versatile soft bread made with French flour giving a rich traditional bread taste.
New Vegetarian Vegan
Romana Focaccia Flatbread
Traditional Italian flat bread. A type of focaccia from wheat flour, with an open crumb structure, extra virgin olive oil and baked on stone. Ideal as sandwich carrier.
Vegetarian Vegan
Sliced Multigrain Sourdough Loaf 1kg (20+2)
A pre-sliced multigrain loaf with sourdough made from wheat and rye. A soft and tender crumb and a crispy crust with more flavour and aroma. Each bread comes in a baking bag to heat through if required or use thaw and serve.
Vegetarian Vegan
Sliced White Sourdough Loaf 1kg (20+2)
A pre-sliced white wheat loaf with sourdough from wheat and rye; with a soft and tender crumb and a crispy crust with more flavour and aroma. Each bread comes in a baking bag so you can warm in the oven for that 'fresh baked' loaf if needed, but this isn't necessary. Ideal for your country styled sandwiches, panini and toasts.