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Sandwich Fillings

Arabiata Meatballs
Pork meatballs with grilled peppers in a chilli Italian sauce.
BBQ Chicken
Diced Chicken in a Smokey BBQ sauce.
Caesar Chicken
Chicken strips and diced Bacon in a tangy caesar sauce.
Cheese & Spring Onion
A mix of cheeses blended together with mayonnaise and added onion and spring onion. Suitable for vegetarians.
Cheese Savoury
Red cheese with crunchy onion and carrot in a salad mayonnaise.
Chicken & Bacon
Chopped chicken and crispy bacon in a creamy mayonnaise.
Chicken & Stuffing
Diced chicken mixed with stuffing encased with mayonnaise and sage and onion chutney.
Chicken & Sweetcorn
Chicken mixed with a creamy Mayonnaise with Sweetcorn added to provide a light coloured filling with yellow sweetcorn flecks.
Chicken Bacon & Sweetcorn
Diced chicken with bacon mixed together with sweetcorn and all encased in creamy mayonnaise.