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Vegan/ Vegetarian Bread

Best Seller Vegetarian Vegan
Bocata Rustico Ciabatta
A stone-baked ciabatta with a slow fermentation for an authentic full flavour and open texture. Made with 100% natural ingredients.
Vegetarian Vegan
Bridor Nature Baguette
A stone-baked baguette made with French flour giving a true genuine flavour of France.
Chia and Pumpkin Seed Bread
A handmade plaited round natural sourdough bread packed with nutrient rich chia and pumpkin seeds, seasoned with turmeric which gives this bread its light golden crumb.
New Vegetarian Vegan
Ciabatta Round Burger Bun
Frozen, fully baked individual moulded bread with open-textured crumb. Ideal for use as a burger bun.
Vegetarian Vegan
Demi Rustique Baguette
A rustic demi baguette made with a fermented dough giving a superb flavour, a crisp crust and a soft pale interior.
Vegetarian Vegan
Demi French White Baguette
A classic white demi baguette with a crisp crust.
Vegetarian Vegan
Fig Loaf
Rich in large fig pieces bread. Intense fig flavour against a rye background.
New Vegetarian Vegan
Flour Dusted Soft White Bun
Flour dusted soft wheat bun. Thaw and serve
New Vegetarian Vegan
Flour Dusted Sub Roll
A soft white pre-sliced 8" sub roll with 2 diagonal top cuts. Flour dusted for a rustic finish.