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Chunk of Devon

We make and bake outstanding pasties. Not Cornish Pasties, but Devon ones. Multi award winners for both our pies and pasties Chunk of Devon grew out of the back of a small butcher's shop in a little Devon village. In July 2006 Simon & Suzi Bryon-Edmund took it on - with a belief that food should be simple, tasty and natural.

From a catering background and winners of a stash of awards... "we were after a new challenge and both of us loved pies. One of our first dates was pie and chips on a Devon quay!"


Coopers Gourmet Foods

Exploding Bakery

The Exploding Bakery was started by old school friends Tom & Oli, who were unsatisfied with their lot in life and decided that, when you have no money, the best way to get rich was to start a tiny bakery and cafe with a niche market for traybakes made with ground nut flours, butter and polenta.

Made Marion Gluten Free

The Made Marion Gluten Free product range is bought to you by Portreath Bakery, a small family owned bakery based in Cornwall.
Marion Symonds opened her first bakery shop in the small coastal village of Portreath in 1988 and now has 2 shops and two large bakeries (one for traditional wheat based goods and one dedicated Gluten Free) located in Pool near Redruth.
Recognizing the growing demand and regular requests for Gluten Free products, Marion and her Husband Peter decided to develop a range of products, with the key focus on taste, quality, and assurance against cross-contamination. A two-year journey of developing the Gluten Free range with suppliers in Italy and extensive trials and product development, resulted in Marion and Peter investing to build a dedicated Gluten Free bakery, which was completed in 2017.
Marion is passionate and enthusiastic to offer her customers high quality bakery products made from, where possible, locally sourced ingredients. This same commitment is now applied to the Gluten Free product range, which is receiving rave customer reviews.

Montreal Style Bagels

99% Organic Ingredients
All of the ingredients in our bagels (except for the yeast) are certified organic. By using organic ingredients, we are not only ensuring that our bagels are a pure and healthier option for you, but we are also choosing what is best for the the planet and the environment in keeping toxic chemicals away from wildlife. Organic farming puts an emphasis on high-nutrient soil, which is better for maintaining healthy habitats for insects and microbes, and helps fight climate change.
Since we are a small newly-established bakery, organic certification of our products is not financially viable at the moment but we are 100% committed to supporting organic farming and food producers.

The electricity we use in our kitchen for baking is from 100% renewable sources. All our packaging is biodegradable, recyclable or both. Our paper bags and boxes are sustainably sourced. The insulation we use for our chilled shipments is made with 100% sheep’s wool which is compostable and biodegradable. Any plastic packaging and freezer packs used are either recyclable or biodegradable.

The majority of the bagel ingredients are sourced from a workers-owned co-operative.
We take pride in supporting our local economy. Our bagels are sold through a number of small community businesses and featured at nearby farmers’ and food producers’ markets. Our filled bagels sold at markets promote locally made cheeses and fresh farm produce. As an alternative to the traditional smoked salmon, our bagel brunch boxes feature a more ethical and sustainable alternative of smoked sliced ChalkStream trout which has all the expected flavour but without the negative environmental impact of salmon farming.

Peck & Strong

Back in 1980, from the tiny kitchen of his cottage in rural Devon, John Peck began to experiment with making flapjacks, cakes and vegetarian flans - foods he enjoyed himself - thinking that if he liked them, others might like them too!

Using only great natural ingredients - it didn't occur to him to use anything else - the cakes and flans he cooked were delicious and hearty, as only the best home cooking can be. And, sure enough, when John offered his products for sale locally, people did love them as much as he did.

Ryders Bakery

Our story begins in 1972, when after a family holiday to Devon, Keith, a Master Baker at Sunblest and his wife Diane saw an opportunity to start their own bakery in Dawlish. After some deliberations they decided to upsticks and move their family from Gloucester to the sunny seaside town and Ryder’s Home-Made Bakery was born.

Truly Treats

We are an artisan baker who supply amazing handmade cakes, cupcakes and traybakes wholesale to the catering trade.

Our award-winning products are lovingly made by hand, in small batches using quality ingredients from our bakery in Devon. We use local free-range eggs, natural flavours, quality Belgian chocolates, butter and British sugars and don't add preservatives to anything we bake.

Everything that leaves our kitchen looks amazing, has a handmade feel, and is packed full of flavour.

We support the local area as much as we can, so where possible our ingredients are sourced from within Devon and the UK.

Wild Flour Cake Company

Award winning traybakes and muffins made using fresh, wholesome, natural ingredients. Wild Flour also make some of the most delicious gluten free and vegan cakes too!