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Montreal Style Bagels

About Montreal Style Bagels

99% Organic Ingredients
All of the ingredients in our bagels (except for the yeast) are certified organic. By using organic ingredients, we are not only ensuring that our bagels are a pure and healthier option for you, but we are also choosing what is best for the the planet and the environment in keeping toxic chemicals away from wildlife. Organic farming puts an emphasis on high-nutrient soil, which is better for maintaining healthy habitats for insects and microbes, and helps fight climate change.
Since we are a small newly-established bakery, organic certification of our products is not financially viable at the moment but we are 100% committed to supporting organic farming and food producers.

The electricity we use in our kitchen for baking is from 100% renewable sources. All our packaging is biodegradable, recyclable or both. Our paper bags and boxes are sustainably sourced. The insulation we use for our chilled shipments is made with 100% sheep’s wool which is compostable and biodegradable. Any plastic packaging and freezer packs used are either recyclable or biodegradable.

The majority of the bagel ingredients are sourced from a workers-owned co-operative.
We take pride in supporting our local economy. Our bagels are sold through a number of small community businesses and featured at nearby farmers’ and food producers’ markets. Our filled bagels sold at markets promote locally made cheeses and fresh farm produce. As an alternative to the traditional smoked salmon, our bagel brunch boxes feature a more ethical and sustainable alternative of smoked sliced ChalkStream trout which has all the expected flavour but without the negative environmental impact of salmon farming.

Montreal Style Bagels Products

montreal style everything plus bagel
You’ve asked for the ‘Everything’ Bagel - we’ve come up with the ‘Everything Plus’ Bagel. Our traditional Montreal Style Bagel topped with organic dried garlic and onion, plus a house blend of crushed sea salt, organic sesame, poppy, flax and chia seeds. Bursting with flavour, rich and beautiful to look at and with a delightfully crunchy texture. Perfect paired with cream cheese, or pretty much anything savoury for that matter.
Gluten Free
Montreal Style Gluten Free Bagel
We’ve replaced the malt with a combination of honey and apple juice concentrate and tweaked a few things to get this bagel as light and close to the classic Montréal Style Bagel flavour as possible. Topped with a combination of sesame and poppy seeds.
montreal style poppy seed bagel
All the classic texture and malted sweetness, with the added warmth of lashings of organic poppy seeds. Perfect with cream cheese.
montreal style sesame bagel
The classic and most popular bagel. Lightly chewy and slightly sweet, with the delightful pop and crunch of the toasted sesame seeds
New Vegan
montreal style vegan bagel
Developed by popular demand, the vegan variety has all the lightness, texture and malted flavour of the classic Montreal style bagel, but without the egg. Slightly saltier, dipped in malted water and coated with oats